Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh.. My.. Gucci -.-

... I don't understand. Really? Really guys? Really??!
You think 35kg is FAT? What a crap. Don't you guys even know what fat means?

Ex : Alysa, Anis, Karmila, Nina, Aida (superwoman) and Hana. You guys are skinny and thin like there's nothing in your body. Then you're afraid cause you're weight is 35kg?!! Omg, GROW UP!

Ex : Athirah Johana, Qamarina and Seri Nuralia. They are ... What do we say ... Berisi. JUST berisi. Not Fat yet. Apa daaahh?!

Ex : Nor Athirah, Siti Aysha and Najlaa are fat. Yeah, that's fat. Sorry guys. I'm just giving examples. Hope you mind. Just for reference.

Okay, anything. That's the point. We are still 13 to 14 years old. We don't have to worry about our weight YET, cause we're growing up. It's not good to take diet this times. I am just saying. If you still want to do it, It's your choice. I am not the one who's getting sick at the age of 25 and below.

i think that's all. Kboii!

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