Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This dialog is JUST FOR FUN :D

girl : Hi, sorry I'm late. I've got some work to do with my mum at the office. Hope you're not mad.
boy : Hmmm, you're always like this. Fine. I'll get use to it one day.
girl : I said I'm sorry honey. Please don't be mad :(
boy : Bla bla bla. Okay. Let's go now.
ME : Ahh, don't be such a bitch!
boy : Excuse me?
girl : You heard her, DON'T BE SUCH A BITCH!
boy : You're talking to me?! Oh you shut up bitch!
ME : Fuck, stop it! You're bullying your girlfriend douchebag! You're not suppose to treat her like that. She said she is sorry. What's the big deal? Just accept her apologise. Although it's just a little mistake. Boys are always pathetic!
boy : Why do you have to be such a busybody?
ME : Why do you have to be such a JERK?!
boy : Ahhhhh, fine. ____ I'm sorry for being mad at you. I promise to never do that again. Tell me you're just fine :3
girl : okay, I'm just fine. And I accept your apology.
boy : I love you :D
girl : I love you too :D

ME : Nice! :D

#Great ending I hope. Although, It seems like a fairy tale. I think, things like this never happen right? Only in movies. Who would ever believe.

I think that's all. kbye :) XOXO

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