Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey , I am very happy now . Because I'm writing a Novel sort of journal . My sister says it's cool , NOT ! So mean ?! The book called ''My Life Me'' . I'm not gonna sell it . Cause of some practically language reason . I mean , who's gonna sell it . I'll be dead in the prison if I do that ! .. Erghh . What am I talking about ?
Anyway , school holidays is boring . I have a class re-union . My mom give me to go ! That's so mean ! How come you just let me go for god sake ! Oh My Gosh ! Please help me ? I'm 13 ok ? What's the big deal ? We're just gonna sit there , in McDonald talking . We're not going out or have some walk to SACC or something . Chillex ok ? I don't what to say to them , to let me go . This is so boring ! Doing nothing at home . Can't go out for outings . Do homeworks all the time . That's the nerd and geeks in this world , not me . This ''me'' is somewhere i don't know . I don't even trust myself anymore . Erghh !

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