Sunday, January 16, 2011


Salam ,
Everybody knows now that I really really really hate people arguing bout boys ! It's clear now in my facebook . DUH . I wrote bout my friend , fighting with me about her crush . WTH . It's just a small thing , what's the big deal man ?! If I ask her , ''do you dare to talk to him ?'' And the answer is DUH , ''NO !'' ... if she ask me then I say ''no !'' , she'll push me to do it though . WHATTHEHECK ! She is my bestfriend then , but now , I can't even walk with her anymore . Even if we're in the same room , I can't even talk to her , she's like not even in the room . And now , Yanna is going to be at the same school with us , I hope she'll work out bout this damn thing . That's all , CIOU ...

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