Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hey ,
Everybody knows that facebook is gonna be closed in a few month , then ,
I Don't Know !
Anyway !
I'm now in the middle of Kiddos and Teenage years .
Man it's complicated !
I still don't have enough friend , of course !
FYI , in my class , there are lots of Queen of KUTUK-ing !
I really really really hate them you know !?
Treat me like kid , called my friend ''Grandma'' ...
Gettin' fit with the guys , NEED ATTENTION ! WTH !
Get lost man ! We don't need people like that in the class !
Although , there are two cute LoveBirds in the class !
Congrats to Karmila and Aideed ... WooHoo !
For who's asking about me and Aiman , we're not Couple .
That's all the information for ya'll . Buhbye :)

Sincerely ,
DeeNa ! :)

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