Friday, March 18, 2011

Em Ee Ae En - Mean

Heyy guys ,
I'm gonna tell you this f***ing awesome story about this f***ing girl named Natasya Qisty . Wow ! Did I just make ashame of herself ?! Well you should be ! She has facebook named Natasya Qisty . Anyway , back to the story . She is such a showoff b***h . Oh My Gosh , I cursed a lot . Astaghfirullah halazim . Here's the story ....

Me and my sis hangout while facebooking this evening . She showed me a few of her friends pages . Then , there comes her page . We looked at a few of her photos and the comments . And we found her photo that she captured using a blackberry . Then there's a photo of that blackberry . I'll wrote the comments ...

Rahim  :  Market !
Natt  :  Woi , bkan market lah ! Nie original nie . Aku tau la kau x leh afford nak beli .
Rahim  :  Weyh , mulut kau mmg tak leh lg konghajar doe ! Agak2 r ! Nnti aku kluakan duet poket aku lg bnyk dri kau . Pengsan kauu !!!!!!
Natt  :  Akuu tak kesah unn sbab aku tau mmg aku yg lg bnyk duet .
Rahim  :  =.='' Sabar je siall ! Nasib baekk aku kuat iman . Bkan cam kauu !
Natt  :  Blaaa ah kau ! Menyemakk je !                                                            E N D ..

Siall kan ? I know ! That's all for todayy :)
Trimass :)

XOXO DeeDee ;)

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