Monday, June 6, 2011

Life is F***ing MISARABLE !!!

Can I ask you something , have you ever been in a beautiful and wonderful life with your family ? If you're asking me ... pfft . NEVER . Wanna know why ? This is why :-

- I have a secret , and that secret is quite important secret for me . How can you do your thing and run your mouth , so everyone can hear . Hit me with the worse you got and knock me down . That does really hurts .
- When you have a lot of time , playing the laptop by your self , I don't disturb you at all . When it's my turn to play , that is when you wanna do your work , visit your friends wall on facebook , Google-ing . WTS ?! Then , I get my time off . Thanks a lot !!!!
- Why won't they listen to me for goodness sake ? They can't possibly listen to the grown ups . How can they listen to me . That's why .. Such a stubborn BITCHES .
- The only time I could relax and CHILL , why so fucking noisy ?!

That's all from me for today I guess and do not follow the unnecessary words above . Thanks for your reading . BLAAA !

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