Sunday, February 27, 2011

L I F E :)

Hey peoples :)
I'm telling you bout this two girls . There's nothing special bout them . Yeah , maybe a bit .
To my dear friends in 1 Best , can you guys please don't be over congratsfull . OMG . That girl is now over proud cause she's the English Queen of that class . Of that class ok girl . Not the entire school . Hey , listen to me . That girl is a jerk . She's such a show off . She tell me and Anis with full of proudness on her face that she is 14 there at UK . I know that . My cousin is in the international school . And one more she tell us that she learn with laptops , no books . I'm like , What the ... ? Azzatul and Amirah are like making her even higher . Higher as in The Best ! I'm not jealous . It's just , i'm curious . There's something wrong or worse bout girl . Hey , can you do me a favor ? Stop being proud as you are now . 

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